Monday, August 11, 2014

We have had a lot of dog visits, and play dates.

Maple and her pup Spruce from her 2nd litter
Yes, Spruce has been digging in a muddy hole.

Spruce and Ruby, Ruby is from Maple's 1st litter, she is about 10 months old.

Ruby and Maple, Ruby is a little bit shorter than Maple. She may
still grow some, although she  turns 1 in Sept.

Shake that head Ruby! They have been playing in the water.

The hole that Spruce found is right behind him, we dug a hole for a
post and Spruce loved it.

A fluffy puppy all muddy!

Spruce loved this hole!

Ruby will be one in Sept.  We are hoping for wonderful
puppies from her next year. It looks like she will be about
25 lbs full grown.

Here is Hazel all wet, she came to play. She is a standard size labradoodle
from Meadow Park Labradoodles in Indiana.

This is Hazel and Willow. They are only 8 weeks difference in Age!

Ruby, Hazel, Saddie, Spruce, and Willow. 

Ruby is the Chocolate girl, she is almost a year old. Haze is the apricot, she is  5 months old

Spruce and Willow watching us clean up the yard.

Tilly came to play, she is on the left, Spruce and Willow on the slide.

Tilly and Willow 

Mario is our foreign exchange student from Spain. He is loving the puppies.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

All the pups have found their homes,

All the pups have found their homes. A big thank you to all that have followed and looked at our puppies. We have had such fun with this litter. We will be having a little break from pups and don't expect any litters until about this time next year. So check back !

 Willow has been held back, with the hope of trading her for a wonderful boy that will help my Australian labradoodle Medium size lines. She was the pick of the litter structurally from Pat Hastings evaluation. And from taking her to have her Aptitude tested she tested as a service candidate.
 Here is this little beauty:
Both her parents weigh about 30#'s

Blue Spruce is now under Contract and going to go to Cheyenne WY

These pictures were taken on July 25, 2014
Tilly (formerly- Jackie's) guardian's family came to play and Spruce got a lot of lovin!

Spruce wanting to kiss my granddaughter

Spruce wanting to ride in the wheelbarrow with Willow

Loving puppies

Spruce wanting his turn on the slide

Friday, July 25, 2014

Blue Spruce loves the water

This sweetheart really loves the water, watch how his nose goes all
the way under the water.

He still needs to find his perfect family.

It will be a lucky family to get this guy

He comes when I call, runs right into the crate when he comes in.
He sits

His coat looks like it may be getting a little lighter in color.

He loves to follow me around the yard. He is so sweet.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ash is moving to South Carolina. Spruce is still available.

Ash in the water bucket, He sure likes water

These pictures below were all taken on July 18th, 2014

Ash and Uncle Ty. Ash has now found his forever home and will
be flying to South Carolina tomorrow.

We will miss this amazing soul.

goodbye kisses between Ash and Spruce. 

Spruce still needs his family. Who will be the lucky
ones to get this silly dog.

Spruce and Tilly playing

Tilly kisses with Spruce Well Tilly don't eat his whole face!

"Is someone taking pictures?"

hanging out under the trampoline on a hot day

Blue Spruce is a good looking dog, He has a large white patch on his chest, and the blackest nose.


Maple's Ash movie