Guardianship Opportunities

EllsWorth Labradoodle Guardian Program

Do you want a wonderful Labradoodle, but don't have the up front money?
                We at  EllsWORTH Labradoodles take pride in raising our puppies in our home. That is one of the reasons they are so WORTH it!  The puppies are cuddled and loved right from the start.  (We are also doing early Neural Stimulation which helps with train ability.)  With the expansion of our breeding program, we are offering our Guardian Program to qualified families.  You must live within a 75 mile radius of Payson Utah. This is an excellent way to have an Australian labradoodle as a family member, with little cost incurred.  We want all of our breeding dogs, to be raised in loving homes, receiving lots of individual attention.  
EllsWORTH  Labradoodles will begin retaining a few puppies to replenish their breeding stock. Because we do not have a kennel based program, we simply cannot house multiple dogs. When you choose to become part of our Guardian Program, we would place with you, a pick of the litter puppy. For a security fee of $1000.This puppy becomes your new family pet. You will raise this puppy as your own while we pay for all the reproductive testing for this puppy. Most testing is done between the ages of 6 - 24 months.  All other veterinarian expenses incurred would be the responsibility of the guardian family.  If your dog does not pass its health testing within the standards required of EllsWORTH breeding dogs, we will spay or neuter your dog and the dog will retire from our breeding program and remain with you for no additional fee.  If your dog passes the health testing, it will become a breeding dog for EllsWORTH Labradoodles.
If you are a guardian family to a female dog, she will deliver an agreed upon number of litters forEllsWORTH  Labradoodles. She will remain with you throughout her pregnancy and stay with us while she is bred and again when she delivers and weans her puppies  which is approximately 8 weeks. Once she has delivered the agreed amount of litters, we will have her spayed per the Guardian Home Program Contract and she will retire with you for no additional fee.  The litters are at EllsWORTH Labradoodle’s discretion, but we will be very concerned and only want what is best for your dog.   We will pay you $500 per litter
If you are a guardian family for one of our stud boys, life is a little less complicated. Once he passes his reproductive testing, we will then contact you to use him for natural breeding and possibly take him to the the Pet medical Center inDraper for sperm collection if necessary.  You would be notified in advance for the breeding or collection. Once we have determined we have used your boy to the fullest potential in terms of our breeding program, we will have him neutered per the Guardian Home Program Contract and he will retire with you at no additional fee.

You will not allow your dog to breed with any other dogs.

 Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a guardian family.  

Guardianship is decided on case by case. It involves trust and a close relationship.

EllsWORTH Labradoodles are so WORTH it!

Puppies/Dogs available for guardianship:
Because Prudence didn't pass her hips test with the OFA we will be getting a new puppy as a replacement, and that puppy may be available for guardianship. If you are interested, please call me (801-754-4279)... it takes a "perfect" fit to be able to be a guardian home. 

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