Saturday, February 14, 2015

Well here it is Valentines day! Much Love to all of you.

 Maple and Ruby are both expecting to go into heat in the next month or two.
 Ruby has had her testing and here are the results from the OFA :
Clear for congenital cardiac disease.
No evidence of patellar luxation
Clear of thyroid disease
OFA Preliminary report  GOOD hip joint conformation and normal Elbows.
Ruby is also clear by parentage for PRA and EIC
We will be having her eyes CERF or ACVO tested this next month.

We still haven't picked the father for these next two litters, but we are looking and as soon as we decide. We will post pictures of the handsome boy :)

We will test Hazel, Tilly and Willow next and expect puppies from them before Christmas. 

Willow in front, she is a lot more curly than Tilly, notice the little dog on the side.
That is Lucee we watch her sometimes
she thinks she is as big and tough as the labradoodles. 

That water bottle in Willows mouth was in the Blue toy in Tilly's mouth
it stayed in the toy for about 3 minutes before those 2 pulled it out.

Beautiful Matilda! (Tilly)