Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red girl. She is still avaliable. She is energetic, full of life, and loves learning new things.
Greenie. He is my personal favorite. He is no longer avaliable. He is with the Kurtz family in Farmington Utah. He is calm, and gentle, always willing to give and get a hug. He is happy and loves to play and wants to please.

Greenie laying down in front , Whitey sitting in front, Red girl left back and Mongo behind Whitey.
Mongo. the Boyd's have put a down payment on him. He is moving to Israel! He has to wait 30 days for his and blood work to go through the ""paper work" of going out of the country.

Greenie. Oh so sweet!

Whitey. His coat is more wirey. Because of his coat not being as soft as the others. I am reducing his price. Even though he is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. He loves playing, wants to please and is very sweet. He is the neighborhood favorite.
Greenie found his forever family the Kurtz, in Farmington Utah.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The green ribboned boy is calm, soft and gentle, still a puppy and loves to play! The long red ribbon is the last of the girls, she is playful and affectionate and full of energy. The lighter one with the white on his chest we call "whitey" he is intelligent, and loves exploring, he is a quick learner and likes to please.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Red female She is an explorer, she is brave and smart, she is the first to jump out of thewhelping box, a soft gentle and inquisitive friend.

Whitey in front green boy behind. Whitey is the first to explore away from the litter, He is quick and friendly. Green boy is calm, likes to watch the action; although he gets into it too, he is soft and sweet and loves attention.
The yellow male in the for front, he lives in Maryland now. Saddie the mom, is rolling on her back.


Yellow Male
He lives in Maryland with his new family the Borro's.

The red male


This is the red female (above)

The Red Male.