Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our dogs and what is happening with the EllsWORTH Labradoodles

Maple has had her health testing good. The results haven't come back from OFA yet, but the Vet doing the testing thought that they looked good. She should be the first dog to go into heat and have puppies this year. Hopefully in the next 2 or 3 months.
Maple a small medium Australian labradoodle, Abby and Cash's daughter.
Charlie Brown a standard 3rd generation labradoodle, to be the father of Prudence's first litter.
Abby, Sweet Abagail Ann has given us 3 amazing litters. She is a medium size Australian Multi-gen labradoodle.  Abby will have another litter probably late fall... Hopefully for Christmas puppies!

Saddie and Ty.
Saddie is now retired from breeding. We hope Ty will be a future stud.

Ty is such a super sweet boy, He has Large soft gentle wavy coat that doesn't shed. He has a great "nose" and can find his antler toy where ever it is hidden. He might be trained to be a bird dog. He rings the bell to go outside, and knows a lot of tricks. He lives with my daughter and is my first "grandpuppy". He only lives a few miles away and so a few days a week comes over for puppy-day care to play with Charlie and Saddie.  He was born in June, so has some puppy time before we do his Health testing.

 Sweet Prudence she is a year old now. We plan on breeding her with Charlie.  We are looking for a new guardian home for this sweet dog.
Prudence shaking her head, and Charlie  peeking out from behind Prudence.

Abby, Charlie Brown, Maple and Prudence all had their eyes CERF tested last week. Everybody is "normal" all is well with their eyes.
Prudences has had her elbows, and thyroid checked, they are normal.  The hip x-ray looked crooked, so we decided instead of doing a OFA prelim hip test. We will wait until she is 2 and do a real hip test on her. Hopefully she will have good hip structure and then she will be the 3rd in line to have puppies. After maple and then Abby.
  We had Abby here for a few days, while her guardian family went out of town. She looks the best she has ever looked! She is well and happy, she is such a funny dog. She growls, when she is happy, ... well and for every emotion; I think she could be one of those dogs that can learn to "talk". She was under the kitchen table watching me work in the kitchen and Saddie or Charlie got in her "view" of me... and that caused a little growl. She loved laying on Eric's lap while he watched TV. She stayed on his lap for a couple of hours. It was nice having a "smaller" dog that fits on  your lap. She was very happy when the Welch's came to take her home too.  Guardianships are Great!
We are looking for a new Guardian home for Prudence. Pictures coming..... My old computer died... and most of my pictures were on it...
It has been a nice little break from puppies, but I am getting excited for these new dogs to pass their tests, and for another litter from first Maple, ( she is the smallest,) then Abby, and then Prudence ( Prudence is the largest female at about 55 lbs.)



Charlie Brown.... available  for Stud. All heath tests good or great!



Abby sleeping

Saddie... retired from breeding. 

Prudence wanting to shake hands.

Charlie and Saddie sleeping



running happy dogs

Prudence got the ball

Notice the little white dog... We were dog sitting my neighbor's dog Lucy. 

Lucy liked to watch me crochet

Lucy sleeping, and Eric watching TV

Ty getting a hair cut

Ty ran over to get in the picture. This is his house, he gets a new little "sister" hopefully soon.

Maple from the side, and after a hair cut, she is usually looks more red.

Saddie loves sleeping on her back.