Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

2 week old individual pictures are up.

Here are the pups at 2 weeks old. 
Eyes are open.
Ash. He is still the biggest.

Teak. They have started moving off the blanket to potty

Spruce.  He is starting to walk

Willow curliest girl and biggest

Jackie, She has the softest coat.
Look for the pup's names on the left top  and click their names  for more pictures, and their current weights etc.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Maple and Birch's pups

 Look on the left hand side for the puppies names and you will be able to see individual pictures of the pups on their own page. 
Maple's Guardian family came to see Maple and the puppies

Maple was so happy to see them and to show off her pups.

Normally we wait a bit longer for people to hold new puppies, one reason is
because it is hard on "mamma" to deal with people. But Maple was happy  to
see these "special " people!

lots of loving

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Maple and Birch's Puppies are Here! 3 Boys and 2 girls

Maple and her Grandma Saddie just resting up for the big event!
 Since Maple and Birch are both "tree" names we are going to call the pups after trees too... Of Course this is just for the first 7 or so weeks of life, until their new Owners come up with their own names.
Maple enjoying the Sun a few days before delivery

Just soon after they were all born.

Here they all are From left to right: Green  was born May 3rd at 4:29am weighing 8.85 oz The poor little guy had a cleft palate and after 3 days of tube feeding and trying our best, and with the suggestion of the Vet we realized the little guy's palate  was to bad to fix and Poor little "oak" was euthanized. We feel horrible, it was a tough decision, but we didn't want him to suffer needlessly.

At  4:52 am The next pup was born.  We put a pink collar on this pup, it weighed 12.63 oz. Low and behold  how did we miss ... pink is a boy... so even though real men can wear pink, we changed his ribbon to Black. And named him Ash.

At 5:07 am  The blue ribbon boy came. He weighed 12.77 We call him Spruce ( for Blue Spruce)

 At 5:15  a girl weighing 12.07oz.  She has A PURPLE  ribbon, we can't decide whether to call her
 Jacaranda  ( Jackie) or Lilac. What do you think we should call her? 

Next at 6:11am Came The YELLOW ribbon we are calling Willow. She weighed 11.53oz.

 and at 6:24 am   Weighing in at  a big 13.6oz is the RED ribbon boy
we are calling Teak

I will take pictures of them again and weigh them again on Saturday. When they are a week old.