Here at EllsWORTH Labradoodles, we will continue to be a life long resource for you and hope you enjoy your fantastic new family member! Here are some pictures and letters from our alumni.

Maple's  Rudy Kisses with  her guardian family.

Maple's puppy Licorice

 Maple's Butterscotch is now " Scotty"

 Here is an e-mail from when Scotty was only 10 weeks old:

"Thanks for checking in.  Perfect timing too!  Scotty is doing great.  We were finally able to get to our vet today and Scotty checked out great.  He got his next round of vaccinations and we have him on a de-worming regime.  

He's soooo smart.  On Thanksgiving, we built a 4X4 foot box on the deck and tied a bell to the back door.  He's been ringing the bell and doing his business in the box.  Very incredible!  He's learning to fetch, he sits great, and he's been doing pretty good on the chewing."

Abby's puppy Ernie and his new family in Florida

Hi Jo An,

Hope this email finds you well. Just wanted to drop you a note and
update you on Nala (or nala bear as we like to call her). She weighs
about 19 lbs and her vet says that she probably has 3-4 more months of
growth left. We took her in this morning for her second groom, picture
attached. I just can't express how much we love this little dog. We take
on her a walk every night, she loves to chase a tennis ball, she loves
to swim in our pool (some mornings she just sits on the first step and
cools off),and she is such a little cuddle bear. We have taken her on a
few road trips and she is perfect!

Thank you again for such a wonderful dog! 

The Smiths 

Saddie and Cash pups born Dec. 09 2009

Blake, Shantae and Olive

      Shantae and Olive

Hello there we just wanted to email you some more pictures of Olive and let you know she is such a great dog and has been an absolute joy! We are also wondering if you are planning on having another litter and when? We are very interested in getting another doodle sometime in the near future, preferably a male. Olive absolutely loves the water, we go to the lake at least twice a week and she is quite the swimmer! She loves the dog park and was a little timid to the lager dogs at first but is now starting to warm up. Her piddle problem has gotten a lot better, we realized that it was mainly our fault by getting her so excited when we saw her. I can't lie it is very hard not to get excited when we see her because she is soo dang cute but we have trained ourselves to be better. She is now weighing in at 28lbs although she looks heavier her curly coat is deceiving. We are curious how big the other puppies are and were wondering if you think she will get much bigger? Let us know about any future litters and we will keep updating you about Olive! thanks again keep in touch

Blake Shantae and Olive

                                                   Ridley on his 1st birthday with the Wunar's

                                                              The Scharman's with Sammy

I thought you might like to see how cute Sammy is. Her favorite new toy is the girls' fluffy pink boa. She is doing great!

Here are some pictures of Saddie and Cash's first litter, born Dec. 09

Saddie and Petey's litter: Born July 2010

                                                                     Joe and Jess and  MaggieLou
                                                          Astrid and the Eversole's

And before leaving our home...


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