Friday, December 30, 2011

Puppies: Beautiful Puppies

Puppies are 13 days old today. (Dec 30, 2011) Their eyes are beginning to open!
They love to cuddle, and have started trying to bark a little bit.
They have had their dew claws removed. They have had their "toe nails" trimmed.
They have started going to the bathroom on their own.
We have been doing the early Neuro- stimulation with them, ( We rub a q-tip between their toes, we hold them on their back and let them feel warm and cool and different materials, (towels, cement) wood floor, rugs)etc. They have already more then doubled their weight.

Abby has always liked to sleep on her back, here she is trying to do it with the puppies.

We have moved the puppies from the small whelping box, to a large playing box. Abby and puppies like having a little more room.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Puppies Born Dec. 17, 2011

Here is Abby only a few minutes after the puppies were born. It was hard work!

Here are the boys. Black ribbon, Blue ribbon, and Green ribbon.

Here are the girls just a few hours old.

Girls are" Orange ribbon, Purple ribbon, Pink ribbon and Red ribbons.