Monday, October 20, 2014

Puppies in 2015

We are in our slow time.
We won't be having any puppies before Christmas this year.
Maple is having a break. Saddie retired. Abby tragically was accidently poisoned (keep slug and snail bait away from dogs and kids!) Hazel, Ruby, and Tilly need to grow up alittle more and have their health screenings done. Charlie Brown will hopefully be able to breed with Hazel. and carry on Saddie's standard size line. ( about 50-60 lbs)
Maple, Ruby and Tilly are all Medium in size ( probably not any bigger than 30 lbs). I am searching for a stud for them, and plan on trading Willow  for that stud.  If not I will search the Australian Labradoodle websites through the United States and Canada and find an amazing boys for each of these girls.

Ruby and Maple

Hazel all wet and Willow
Pictures taken in July 2014