Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saddie's x-rays from 6/11/2012

Can you count 6 skulls? The Vet could see 6 easy, and thought there could be another hidden behind all the other stuff. The dark squiggly stuff is gas... (and boy does it smell. ) I can see 4 and maybe 5. If you click on the x-ray it gets bigger so you can count easier.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Life Abundance Dog food,

I love Life Abundance Dog food. My dogs are loving it, and I am loving what it does for the "poop" (ewwe). It ships right to your door. This is a link to their website, through me. ( I get a credit for those buying from my link) So Thanks. It is great food.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saddie is definitely pregnant.   Today June 11th Saddie had her X-rays... She is expecting 6 or 7 puppies! ( I was guessing more like 3 or 4) We can feel puppies moving around now, (this is the most fun part of her pregnancy)  She should have the puppies sometime around Friday- Monday. ....  Now I get nervous and excited and am starting to take her temperature twice a day. It will spike, and then go down within 24 hours of labor. I can't wait to find out what color their coats they will be.

 I have 2 more people that have paid their down payments and are on the list for puppies They just haven't decided if they want one of Saddie's or one of Abby's. They are Wendy Derby, and  Ann Gardner. We are so excited for each of these lucky pups, and families!