Monday, January 23, 2012

you tube video's

I am not sure I linked this correctly to watch the You Tube video's.

The big Dogs are: Charlie Brown with the black collar, sort of light brown He is a standard size 3rd generation labradoodle. He is the puppies "uncle" . Saddie is the White labradoodle ( she is a small standard f1B) Saddie is the puppies "grandma" And Abby with the red collar. She is the puppies 's Mom. Abby is a Medium sized Australian Labradoodle. Saddie is her mother, And Scooby doo, A Chocolate Australian Labradoodle is Abby's Dad.
Call if you have any questions!

There are about 10 short video's ( from 15 seconds to about a minute long) on You tube. My channel is either... ericjo5elllsworth channel on Youtube. or L's Worth Labradoodles channel.
Or you might be able to search for the video's with the tag. L's worth labradoodles are worth it, or labradoodles are worth it.

Here is one of them:

5 week old pups outside