Monday, December 8, 2008

Our canine family member

Max and Saddie Christmas 2006

Saddie posing for pictures

Here I am about 1 year old. With longer hair.

I love to run, and I like throwing my own toys too. I can throw things up in the air, and catch them all by myself.

My first christmas, I sure grew fast.

More of my sides

My backside obviously, boy was my haircut ever to short. I can't wait until my legs grow back out.

This is trying to get up close to see my hair type. I do have a fault. If you look close I have a few darker red hairs along my back that seem a little coarser then the rest. So we are very careful that my stud does not have any of these extra types of hair in his coat.

All my angles

So I am trying to show off all my sides.

I am trying to stand still. I am about 22 inches from floor to top of shoulders. And from my collar to the base of my tail, or to my rump is about 22 inches too. I weigh about 41 pounds.

Puppy pictures of our Saddie

Here I am as a puppy. Oh I am so cute.
I was born 18 Sept. 2006, I am from Little Country Labradoodles.

My Mom is Darling Dorothy she is a poodle registration number ALAA-005179P .
My Dad is Little Country's Chase, his registration number is AlAA-00559

Oh I was so little, and I had such red ears. They have since faded as you can see from my older pictures.

Announcing Saddie!

What have the kids done to me? This was for Halloween: Happily it all washed out!

I love mom, even if she is on the computer way to much! Maybe we can go for a walk soon!