Friday, November 22, 2013

Wow 5 of the 7 are already spoken for.

Hugs is hoping for a perfect family
This is Burt, Either Burt or Ernie is going to Emily in New York.

Ernie We will know Thanksgiving weekend
if he is available for adoption

"Scotty and the Minnoch

Snickers went to Florida

 Kisses has gone to the Wentworth family
  and will be apart of our guardianship program.  Lucky girl!

Licorice is going to the Lusty family
Licorice is now "Muphy" he is with the Lusty family

Hugs hugging Ernie, they are good friends.

Butterscotch  found his new home, He  is a new member of the Minnoch Family

Friday, November 15, 2013

playing on a muddy rainy day, Nov. 15th




Butterscotch (left corner) Snickers (front)

playing on the stairs

Licorice and Burt

running to the door

Sleepy puppies. This is where they sleep all night now.

Burt and Ernie

Ernie and Burt

Prudence Kisses and Butterscotch

Snickers and Butterscotch

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov, 6th group Pictures

November 6 

 The pups have started eating dry kibble. Today I fed them outside and  let them play. They loved playing with Prudence. And Prudence played well with them ( She is unrelated to any of these puppies). They enjoy running and playing in the leafs. We tried the tunnel, some played in it. I wish I had a picture of Maple as she squished her way through the tunnel. They are growing fast.

Ernie is looking out

Burt with his mouth open

Burt and Licorice

Burt and Licorice

Prudence with Butterscotch and Snickers

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Puppies going down the stairs