Maple's Willow

Willow is smart and cute, she is the littlest of the litter. She likes to get on furniture,
she is smart, and likes to get into mischief.

Spruce will be leaving the end of this week. Willow will have to learn to be the only puppy.
She is silly

 Willow  on Mario's lap

I took these pictures through the window

 What is she doing on the table?
Hazel thinks she is a chew toy made just for her.

Hazel and Willow. It is hard to believe that they are only 2 months difference in age.

Willow watching Eric clean up the yard.

Willow was the hardest of the litter to get "good' pictures of for the structure test. 
Some days it's just harder then other days to get the pictures you want. She sure is a sweetie.
8 week old "stacked " pictures

We plan on keeping Willow for the possibility of a breeding trade. She scored as a Service Candidate on her Aptitude test. She is a curly "teddybear" doll.

She Weighed 6.3 at 7 weeks.
 she likes to play and mud is very fun!

6 weeks old
Willow On June  14th weighed 5.7 lbs

Maple playing with Willow

At 5 weeks old Maple now weighs 5.1lbs.
willow looks like a teddy bear.
 She is full of energy, and spunk, she is very playful
and like to be the center of attention.  She is very sweet, but
loves to beat up the boys! She can hold her own.

Willow week 4
she weighs 4.5 lbs

3 weeks old growing, playing outside, having baths
Maple now weighs 3.82lbs
She likes to explore

2 week old Willow. It was Armed Forces day on May17th pups are 2 weeks old now.

Sleepy Willow
at 2 weeks Willow weighs 42.8 ozx. or 2.67lbs.
She was pretty tired while I was trying to take pictures.
She probably has the curliest coat of the litter

Willow was born May 3rd, 2014 She was the 5th puppy born and weighed

She sure didn't want her picture taken.

I had to add this cute little pile with Willow just because it is
so cute!

At one week old Willow weighs 25.80oz.
she still doubled her birth weight but is the lightest
at week one.

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