Saturday, January 31, 2009

the web site

HI, We may have a Stud for Saddie. His name is Scooby, he is in North Carolina, and oh what a looker he is. The Web site should be up and running any day. it is
There will be links from that web-site to this blog. Or maybe a blog named Labradoodles are Worth it. They are worth the time, energy, money and LOVE that you put into this fantastic breed. Yeah for Saddie

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I passed my health tests!

Saddie's test came back! OFA tested her normal for thyroid. OFA said her hips were good, and her elbows were normal. She also had her eyes tested they were fine too. Her CBC was normal. Her mother is Darling Dorothy she is a poodle. I have her certified pedigree. Saddie's sire is Little Country's Chase he is an F1Chocolate Labradoodle. I have his pedigree also. Because Saddie's Dad is an F1 Labradoodle and her mother is a poodle. I hope to breed Saddie with an Australian Labradoodle. Or a multigen labradoodle.