Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saddie and Cash are expecting their 2nd litter together the end of April. Because Saddie is an Flb (an F1b is a labradoodle that had one parent labradoodle, the other parent poodle.) and Cash is an Australian labradoodle their puppies will be Australian labradoodles with a little more poodle in them, because of the infusion of "new" poodle in the breed. Saddie and Cash are non shedding with fantastic temperments. Their puppies are avaliable for $1800. You may pay a deposit of $250 through pay-pal to insure a "pick' of this litter.

Here are some pictures of Saddie and Cash's last litter.

Abby and Cash are expecting their first litter together the end of April. See more about them on Abby's page. Her puppies should be smaller then Saddie's, and because they have more of the Austalian Labradoodle in them they will be $2100.

Labradoodle puppies for sale

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