Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saddie's pup still avaliable as of Nov. 2nd 2012

I downloaded about 10 short video's to my facebook page at:

Also there is a lot of videos on You Tube under Ericjo5ellsworth

Polar-bear on the right sitting with big Blue.

Big Blue is now living with the Junkins in Ogden!

Saddie's Hershey boy

Hershey has a curly fleece coat.

He is a little shy,

He is sweet, and wants to please.

He is the smallest of his litter,

and very loveable.

Saddie's "Polar-Bear" girl

Here she is sitting with Big blue. She is learns FAST.

She has a curly fleece coat, not quite as curly as Hershey's

She is the biggest girl of the litter. She is very sweet.

She wants to be the boss. She is very funny.


Madison Palmer said...

whoever gets the teal ribbon one MUST name him Heyjude. I'm not kidding. I had a dream that someone named him Barack, and it was horrible. He's name is Heyjude.

Madison Palmer said...

these pupies are al sooo dang cute and we love their sister and cousin Gracie Boo and recommend a Labradoolde to anyone one who wants a pretty perfect pet!! we are haveing a blast with our new puppy!! Madz is still in love with her "heyjude' but is so in love with our Gracie :-) thanks for the cuttest pup ever. Wendy

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