Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept 25, 2013 Maple has puppies!!!

Maple the day before delivery
#1 boy 11.75 oz born at 5:10am "Butterscotch"
born at 6:16AM  #2 girl 11.46oz. "Hugs"
#3 boy ( in the front) born at 6:42 AM  weighing 11.57 " Snickers"
Black boy born at 7:08AM  9.98 oz "Licorice"
Everybody resting waiting for # 5
All here. Chocolate girl born at 8:05   10.23 oz "Kisses"
 Well done Maple!

the boys
The girls
The girls
The boys
Maple and the pups are doing great!


Lorinda said...

Yay Maple! We miss you and can't wait to meet your babies! Love, your family

Mrs. Stone said...

So precious!