Thursday, December 5, 2013

And then there was NONE

Hugs is going to the Wigton family ( shh she's a Christmas surprise)
 Hugs is now 10 weeks old and weigh in at 10# 11oz. She is such a sweetie, loves to play and cuddle.

Sweet beautiful Hugs is still wishing for her perfect family. ( my daughter's family picked her and really wanted her, but she is renting in a place that can't have dogs,)

 Ernie has found a beautiful family in Florida  With 9 year old triplets.  He will be in heaven. The McLaughlin's are the lucky family! Ernie now weighs 10 # 4 oz and is 9 weeks old.
Ernie won't be playing in much snow, he will trade it in for a beach in Florida.

Burt is going to the Chiaramonte family in New York.  He weighed in today at 12#, 5 oz. They had their shots and heartgard today.  He also gets to go to a family with kids to play with. Lucky pups!

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