Thursday, June 26, 2014

7 week old pups

The pups went for an hour's drive and had a Puppy aptitude test done in Eagle Mountain. Bethany did a great job evaluating each puppy. Here is a link to her website.

They said the whole litter tested mostly 3 and 4's. A dog that scores mostly 3's : Accepts human leaders easily, Is best prospect for the average owner, adapts well to new situations and generally good with children and elderly, although it may be inclined to be active. makes a good obedience prospect and usually has a common sense approach to life.
 Great job pups!
 Pups are eating dry Life Abundance Dog food. 
They are also learning to sit for their food.
Maple's family came to take her home and to have their one last chance of playing
with puppies

Maple was very pleased to see her family

The puppies hardly notice Maple is gone, they are to busy running, and playing and learning new things.

The pups like to play in the dirt and water, and play tug of war.

If I call "Here puppies" They come running! 

Maple playing and saying goodbye to her sweet pups.

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