Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The letter from Pat Hastings regarding Maple and Birch's litter.


So sorry this is late.

Very decent litter of puppies.  They look like they are in good condition nutrition wise.

The best and a very nice pup is Willow.  Not much to not like.  Very decent angles at both ends, good balance, stands solid.  This is one that probably belongs in your breeding program.

Jackie has a slightly short neck with is an indication that the angles of the front are not as good as they could be.  Rear is just a little too much under the dog but does stand well.

Spruce is okay but quite average and you want the ones in your breeding program that are really nice which will increase the quality of your dogs throughout the years.  Slightly straight front, slightly straight rear, looks like a slipped hock on the left side.

Teak  is again quite average with a short neck, fairly straight at both ends a rounded croup and does not show much presence.

Ash I think is the least quality of this litter.  The neck should never be above the front legs and when it is it is an indication of a straight shoulder, a straight upper arm or both.  The length of the rear is okay but it does look like there may be a slipped hock.

I don’t see anything here that is what I would classify as a “pet” quality.   A pet to me is a dog that has the types of structural issue that will more than likely affect the quality of its life if asked to do things it is not made to do.  Everyone of these pups should make wonderful companions.

Good luck

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